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Griha Pravesh Decoration

How to Go About Decorating Your House on Griha Pravesh?

Griha Pravesh in Hindu religion is the occasion which is celebrated to observe the first entry into a newly built home. After the house is on the verge of completion the family, starts preparations for the celebration to make the day an auspicious one. The date, timing and the method of the Puja is taken care of by an established astrologer or the family Guru. A propitious timing is of paramount importance to the Grih Pravesh Puja. The Hindu scripture mentions three kinds of griha pravesh based on the construction type of the house.


This means Grih Pravesh to an old house which has been damaged because of any type of damage including natural calamities like earthquake and flood. The first entry into the house after renovation or reconstruction is termed as Dawndwah Grih Pravesh.


This is the type of Griha Pravesh in which celebrated to observe the first entry into the house after returning from a foreign place after long years of stay there.


This is the one which is observed to celebrate your first entry into the house which is newly constructed.

Irrespective of the type of Griha pravesh celebration you are into, you need ideas on decorating the place so as to make it a never forgetting experience. There could be plethora of preparations that need to be done beforehand to observe the important event. There are specific traditional decorations to be done before the occasion. The exterior along with the interior should be decorated in the best possible way. Here’s how you can do it in the best possible way:


Traditionally, it is believed that before making the first entry into the home, a puja along with the prerequisite rituals should be done. After all those important aspects have been checked you need to get into the shoes to decorate your new home. This is the perfect time when you show to your guests your home decors. The best way is to find a place and put some of the artefacts in a group of three or four. This place can indeed become a talking place among the guests and that will also add to the beauty of the place.


Use a piece of wall art to decorate the living room! To make the room look spacious use minimum furniture so as to make the room look larger. Also do not miss on making the corners of the room filled, so that they do not produce echo sounds.


Select an area beforehand where your guest can dine conveniently without getting any kind of disturbance. Since the house has just been built so there are possibilities that, it will have things placed in an unarranged way. Make sure to take care of the cleanliness of the place of dining.


If possible decorate the rooms particularly the one which you have chosen for dining with vibrant floral collection. Indubitably, it will give fresh appeal to the room and your guests will have great time dining. Some fresh and bright coloured flowers put into an exotic vase will create a heart warming feeling. Use the perfect combination of colours of the flower choice as well as the choice of the room’s colour.