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Griha Pravesh Gifts

Heart-Warming Griha Pravesh Gift Ideas!!

By gifting a heart-warming Grih Pravesh gift you can gift something to the entire family and that’s the most beautiful thing about the Griha Pravesh gifts. There are people who buy beverages and food as Griha Pravesha gifts while there are people who rely on thoughtful gifts. So, what’s the most perfect gift for a Griha Pravesh party?

Here is a precise list of gifting ideas for Griha Pravesh, which will for sure make the receiver say wow after receiving the gift. Here’s the list:

1. Brass or Silver Utensils

There are a plenty of home decors you can gift the person on the Griha Pravesha depending on the need and taste of the recipient. One such item include, brass or silver coffee cups, fancy tea mugs or a set of silver or brass kitchen set. This will not only be decorative but also be enticing in terms of the utility.

2. Spiritual books or Idols

One thing that has to be kept in mind while going for a Griha Pravesh gift is the auspicious nature of the gift. Adroitly choose the one which brings good luck to the newly built house. For that reason no gift can be more suitable than a books or idols associated with God. For a Hindu family it is always great to buy an Idol of Lord Shiva or Lord Krishna or Lord Laxmi. If you are going for the Griha Pravesh of a Christian family, you can go for gifting a statue of a Holy family or Mother Mary or statue of Jesus. Religious books depending on the religion of the person will also be a great choice, for example Bible is best for a Christian family, Gita for a Hindu family and likewise.

3. A Flower Vase

One or the other part of every household is decorated with one or two flower vase. Either the flower vase is kept in the dining room or the living room, to enhance the beauty of the home. Some people also decorate every corner of their home with one or the other type of flower vase. And so, if it’s the inauguration of a new home, it is never a bad idea to gift, a flower vase. In essence it is one of the most enticing gifting options for a Grih Pravesh ceremony.

4. A Dinner Set

Form every household, a dinner set is highly functional, ant it’s a great idea to gift this for a Griha Pravesh ceremony. This gift specifically is much preferred because it’s always useful to the house owner irrespective of the month or the occasion. They are also affordable, and one does not have to worry much about the affordability.

5. Photo Frames

You can help the person who has just bought a home, in decorating his/ her house with beautiful framed pictures of the family by gifting a beautiful photo frame. You can go for gifting a couple of photo frames with different shapes and sizes; it’s never bad to gift a single photo frame if you are tight on your budget. In all the cases this gifting option works.

These are some of the best heart warming Griha Pravesh gift ideas to wish your family and friends for embarking on a new journey of their life by building a new home for themselves. It’s really a beautiful feeling to build a shelter for yourself on your own, and it becomes way more hearty feeling when loved ones, on this great start of life, come up, wishing, with new gifting ideas.