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Griha Pravesh Messages

Uplifting Griha Pravesh Messages!!

It’s indeed a new beginning!! Moving into a new home comes with new hopes! Any big beginning in life needs blessing of your loved ones which calls for a grand and heart warming celebration. The people of India particularly those belonging to the Hindu community celebrate their big day with friends and family. In earlier days people used to wish the person who has embarking on a new journey in life with the Griha Pravesh of his/her new home, by meeting them physically but with the advent of technology, they rely on various forms of messages to wish their loved ones. Here is a small list of Griha Pravesh messages which people can send to their prospective guests to invite them:

  1. This one would be one of the biggest achievements of life! As it will not only make you feel empowered monetarily but will inculcate a sense of peace. Her at your new place you will never feel lonely as your friends and family can be at your place any time!
  2. Congratulations, for being free from the stress of paying the rents on time, keeping up with the rules of the owner and worrying for the increment of the rent. Now you can fly in the sky like a bird does!!
  3. Your own house shows the maturity and sincerity you have gained over the years! You owed so much money that you bought this big thing. You pit-bull fellow, you never told us!! Don’t panic I am happy that you have matured! Congratulations!! Keep growing the way you have done.
  4. You are going to own a home costing millions because it has you hard work and the love of your friends and family. It is going to be the more precious than any other possessions!
  5. You have indubitably built a home as smart as you and as beautiful and trendy as you look! Mind my words you are now going to grow at a pace that nobody can reach you to the heights you have reached.
  6. May this new achievement of your life add to the joys, multiply your successes, reduce your stress and lessen your sorrows. Congratulations!!
  7. Wonderful people like you needs only wonderful house. It is surely going to add on to your successes! Warm wishes for a warm beginning!!
  8. I wish I could put together all these memories of your happiness showing your smiling face, heart filled with joy at a confined place, so as to keep them as and when you wanted in future. Congratulations!!
  9. May the roof under which you are going to live for rest of your life protect you from the darkness of life and helps you overcome the difficulties of life! May it provide warmth to your family! Happy Griha Pravesh!
  10. With people like you and your family your house will not need a source of light, it will definitely gets lightened up with the smiling faces of your kids and your family! Enjoy this big day of your life. Congratulations!!