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Griha Pravesh Quotes

Inspirational Griha Pravesh Quotes!!

People who have built their own new home should be congratulated wholeheartedly!! Grih Pravesh in Hindu religion is considered as one of the most auspicious occasions. It’s one of the best moments of a person’s life as that makes them feel a sense of triumph in their endeavour to achieve something big in life. It’s indeed a symbol of love as the memories that this home is going to furbish will live for the rest of your life and probably for the many coming generations. It is also the symbol of the hard work that the person has put in hard work in the path of owning a home.

Celebrate the zeal of owning a home; your home, lovely home, home sweet home, with heartwarming Griha Pravesha quotes. Here is some of the sample Griha Pravesh quotes:

  1. Your home is seed from which the families grow!! You are the plan and your children are the branches of this plant! The seed grows to facilitate the growth of the plant into a fully fledged and life giving tree! Embark on the journey with a heart full of wishes. Happy big day!!!!!
  2. A house which has been built with honesty, diligence and love & affection of your elders will not need any other decoration items. These elements itself decorate the house with lovely smile full of life! Congratulations!!
  3. Having in mind that you own a home which not only gives you shelter to be in but also gives peace and cheerfulness and love of your loved ones, makes even the busiest days of your life the momentous one! Congratulations.
  4. The difference between renting and owing is reflected in the fact that renting a home, only gives you shelter to live in while owing one inculcates a sense of satisfaction and brings in peace! Congratulations!!
  5. The key of your new home reinvigorates the charm of life and regenerates the energy inside you to do things in the better way. A sense of contentment coupled with a heart filled with happiness, changes the monotony in life! Congratulations for your new home!!
  6. The word home probably was discovered to represent a place which is built by amalgamating love, relationships, memories, love, trust, hope and many more. I wish one such home for you!
  7. Safely, it comes when you keep confined to the walls of a rented home while security is brought at your doors when you can say with proud that it’s yours and only yours! Congratulations!!
  8. You are finally at the place which you can say that it is yours and live the life as you want. Without the fear of being judged every time, at you home you can do whatever you want. That’s the beauty of owning a home. Best wishes for your new home!!
  9. Every piece of stone, the wood, the sand, the cement that has made up your home echoes the story of your struggle. Your real self knows how much effort you have put in just to be at the place where you are today. I wish you all the very best for you new home!
  10. You home is the one place where you can be what you are, where you can find your body, mind, heart in peaceful state. It is the only place which feels your heart with peace and serenity. Cherish this beautiful moment of your life with your loved ones. Heartiest congratulations for your new home!! Keep up the spirit!!