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Rangoli Designs for Griha Pravesh Puja

Rangoli is a colourful form of floor decorating art which dates back to the ancient Hindu civilization in India. The art has gone through numerous changes over a period of time but its appeal has remained constant. It is a beautiful combination of art and religion which is practised in every household during festivals or any other auspicious occasion.

Designs in rangoli pattern have various meaning as does the colours. For example, the colour white signifies peace and coolness, which is often used as the base colour for the art. Similarly, the colour red signifies strength, blue signifies vastness, and green signifies harmony and yellow stand for richness.

Usually on the day of griha pravesh, the ladies of the house, gets up early in the morning and cleans the house and using these array of colours draws images of Ganesh or other religious symbols to seek their blessings.

Besides adding an element of artistic grandeur, rangoli during griha pravesh plays a big role in invoking the blessings of the Gods, while creating a positive vibration in the entire household, which would play a big role in ushering in peace and prosperity.