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Vastu Shastra

What is vastu?

Vastu is basically the study of directions. All the five elements of nature are included in directions and vastu teaches us to establish balance between these five elements and the existence of the mankind. It also balances the material possessed by man by making complete analysis of the directions.

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is the art of creating a friendly setting of the place we work or live in. This is done in the most scientific way so as to exploit the advantages of all the five elements of the nature called "Panchbhoota". This setting of the environments paves a way for healthy, wealthy and prosperous way of living. Taking care of the vastu of the environment you are in makes everything enlighted.

What are the Five Elements of Nature?

The Universe is made from five elements called the "Panchabhoota" which include Earth, Air, Fire, water and space. And, it is due to the presence of these five elements on the Earth that out of all the nine plants life exist only on Earth.

Why Directions are important?

The direction and the orientation on which Vastu is based on are not only important for the summoning positive energy but it also provide a great design and architecture to the space. It provides the comfort of living along with health, wealth and prosperity.

There is a correlation that exists between the direction, design of the house and the plants. It is for sure that the building will meet all the requirements if proper orientation of the building has been provided. Not only vastu enhances the life of the building but it also increases the life span of the people living. Studies have revealed that there have been a number of building which have not been built according to the Vastu have often been damaged. So, it is quite important to pay heed to the orientation of the building of one's house or office.

Giving proper orientation to the house requires the proper knowledge of all the eight directions. It has been explained in writings, that the direction, in which Sun rises, is called as East and where the Sun sets is called as West. And, while we are standing in the East, then our left will be called as North and towards right it will call as South.

The meeting point of the two directions is obviously considered as an important location because all the energies of both the direction will meet at that point. So, we come to understand that there are in all eight directions that are East, West, North, South, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest and Southwest. And, each of these directions has their own theory of construction and the basic rules that are related to Vastu come from these eight directions and their analysis.

What are the basic Elements of Vastu Shashtra?

Vastu is actually the basic thing when one is going to build a property. It starts from choosing the plot and ends till all the construction has been done on that plot. It is important that vastu is followed at every stage because it's not just a word but the science that connects man and nature. Vastu should be followed at every stage of designing a home and everything should be taken care of from soil to nature to the shapes.